• Sun - Fri / 09:00AM - 05:00PM
  • New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • 01-4782977


  • To carry out baseline survey, endline survey , need assessment , Impact study, rapid Assessment, feasibility study and educational and Market study and social marketing , monitoring and evalution for different development organizations , research on social, educational , good goverance , economical, health, environment, agriculture, culture and tourism issues
  • To develop national , regional and local development plans .
  • To provde social marketing service and awareness campaigning on health relaed products (i.g. family planning products, nutrition,vaccinations and more)
  • To provide training and consultancy in NGO management.
  • To provide vocational training on different job oriented contents.
  • To exchange skills, knowledge, teachers, Volunteers to National and International communities for peace and eduacationa.
  • To conduct discussion and interaction in current issues through national and international network.
  • To  provide  consultancy  and  training  on  preventive  disaster  education landslide management, earthquake and support for rehabilitation work.
  • To   provide   consultancy  services   on  gender  empowerment  and   social inclusion.
  • To prepare  plans and  consultancy services together with local stakeholders on micro and macro education plan such as district education plan,
  • To organize workshops, seminars and conferences on issues of national and international importance.
  • To provide agribusiness service and appropriate technologies for agriculture advancement.
  • To  carry  out  study  and  reseach  on  Tourism  and  provide  consultancy  togovernment and other stakeholders for preparing tourism plan
  • To develop the periodic development plan for local government

Message from Chairperson

National Institute for Development and Research (NIDR) is leading and pioneer research, training and development consultancy organization in the Nepal . It is run by a team of dedicated experts who have long experience of I/NGOs and UN agencies. We believe quality is the most important within given timeline and cost effectiveway.This is our moto and applying till now. We deliver the tasks as per parteners expectation with participatory and trustworthy approach. This is our main working strategy.

~~Tark Raj Bhatt
Email: trbhatt@nidr.com.np